7 September 2021

Salesforce is the perfect platform for your digital interactions. In this article you will learn how 7Summits helps you to unlock the power of the Salesforce platform and achieve a whole new level of user satisfaction. 

In addition we offer you a detailed report by ISG on the leading Salesforce Core Cloud Solutions providers and how business leaders are summiting the right cloud computing solution.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need a holistic digital experience underpinned by modern technology that provides actionable data as well as insightful analysis. We have passed the days of selecting a single tool to enable a single team. Today’s growing and scaling organizations desire a platform approach that will improve the experiences of their customers, partners and employees.

Salesforce is currently the world’s leading provider of cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) customer relationship management (CRM), partner relationship management (PRM) and employee experiences. Gartner clearly states that Salesforce is ahead of Oracle and SAP. No other platform helps you understand your customers, partners and employees better than Salesforce.


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Gartner recommends Salesforce

Gartner singled out Salesforce as a market leader in its Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center(Published June 15, 2021). Salesforce is a Leader in this Magic Quadrant; the same as previous years. In addition to Salesforce’s dominance in the CRM space, Garter added further commentary on the platform’s Service Cloud offering. “Over two-thirds (68%) of the prospective CEC customers with whom Gartner has had contact have shortlisted Salesforce Service Cloud as their first-, second- or third-choice product (its nearest competitor was shortlisted by 42%). During the past 12 months, Salesforce has added over 230 new features and enhancements to Salesforce Service Cloud, including Service Cloud Voice (a preintegrated voice service available through Amazon Connect) and the ability to integrate with other contact center voice offerings. Across the world, midsize B2C and B2B companies and large enterprises should consider Salesforce’s CEC solution.”

The report goes on to note “Salesforce’s global presence, market impact and vision to transform customer service is unmatched by other vendors in this market.” The platform is further commended for its investments in “extending and deepening its industry-specific offerings” and stand-out response to the pandemic by offerings solutions like Work.com and Vaccine Cloud.

Leading analysts have also recognized Salesforce for complementary offerings to the core Sales (CRM) and Service (CEC) Clouds, like Experience Cloud, a Digital Experience Platform (DXP). Put simply, Experience Cloud lets you build digital communities as the single point of engagement for your customers, partners and employees — and digitize business processes to move faster in our digital-first world.

By amplifying Service Cloud with Experience Cloud, you provide users with a CRM-powered experience that seamlessly integrates their data and past behaviors to accelerate their service requests and personalize their journeys.

Surfacing information from your systems of record in a community improves your organization’s insights into customers, which in turn enhances your company’s service capabilities. Extending your investment in the leading CEC solution with a leading DXP solution unlocks the insights, increase ROI and maximize satisfaction.

However clear the decision to choose Salesforce may be, there are challenges you have to solve when adopting any technology platform. The sheer variety of features Salesforce offers can be overwhelming, and it takes a strategic roadmap to pick and choose the features best suited for your organization and the order in which to implement them. And once your roadmap is established, data architecture and integrations are critical to map out, not to mention the necessity for thoughtful change management post-implementation.

Whether you’re expanding your existing investment in the Salesforce platform or starting fresh, here are some necessary steps to consider when tackling tech stack consolidation:

Develop a Strategic Roadmap

Smiling Team Leader Presenting at Meeting

Integrate your CRM-data seamlessly and personalize your customers‘ journeys. (Source: Adobe Stock / seventyfour)

Every digital transformation project should begin by understanding the short- and long-term goals of your business; what are the key business objectives that are being supported by the change? And based on those, who are your most important audiences?

Center Your Users – Customers, Partners & Employees

Placing the user at the center of your digital-experience planning through journey mapping exercises will ensure that resources are focused on the enhancements and adjustments that will bring the most reward.

Empower Leadership

No digital transformation initiative is ever successful if your leadership isn’t bought in. Get stakeholders from across the organization involved by highlighting the benefits against their key KPIs. Salesforce is flexible enough to operate as the system of record and system of engagement for all your audiences.

Document Technology Requirements

Salesforce can be your system of record, or it can simply integrate with legacy systems of record. It’s important to understand which integration points you will need to retain and which may be successfully replaced with out-of-the-box Salesforce functionality. Examples include single sign on, identity, content or database management, demand generation, marketing automation or business intelligence.

Design Your Experience

How the site looks, navigates and is organized should be assessed based on business objectives, user activity, brand standards, design best practices and alignment with technology feasibility. Occasionally we encounter prospects who are disappointed in the one thing Salesforce can’t do, instead of the myriad it does. We usually discover this has happened when an agency unfamiliar with the platform designs the user experience without deep knowledge of the tool.

Integrate Automation

Business process automation is a key factor for why most choose Salesforce. Leveraged for lead assignments, workflow rules, approval processes or data remediation, automating previously manual tasks saves time and money, freeing up resources to focus on more valuable aspects of improving the user experience.


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7Summits is your partner for Salesforce

Salesforce supports an ecosystem of implementation partners with experts ready to help you. 7Summits, an IBM Company is the most experienced provider in the Salesforce ecosystem at delivering digital transformations that unleash your customers, partners and employees to build your business for you.

According to the ISG Provider Lens™ 2021 Salesforce Ecosystem Partners Report for the U.S. , 7Summits is among the top providers in implementation services for core clouds. ISG says that 7Summits is a leader in Implementation Services for Core Clouds Midmarket As validated by ISG’s intensive research, 7Summits offers a unique approach that centers Experience Cloud as your primary system of engagement: 7Summits designs solutions that aggregate functionalities of multiple Salesforce Clouds and data sources. ISG also commends its deep expertise in various verticals, such as the high tech, manufacturing and financial services industries.


ISG Salesforce Ecosystem Partners

ISG Salesforce Ecosystem Partners (2021)


“7Summits focuses on the best possible user experience when implementing Salesforce for its customers,” says Rainer Suletzki, Quadrant Report Author & Sr. IT Management Advisor at ISG. “Their user-centric design approach uses the Experience Cloud to aggregate the functionalities of multiple Salesforce Clouds to achieve an integrated solution,” Suletzki says. “Since becoming an IBM company in early 2021, 7Summits now can benefit from IBM´s large resource base and is expected to achieve an even stronger market position in the future.”

ISG observed that 7Summits’ position as a leader was due to “basing its portfolio on a unique approach using Experience Cloud as the primary system of engagement.”

7Summits adds significant value to the maximization of your Salesforce investment with our very powerful solution Accelerators. The experience you are building for your users has to be unique to your brand, but often the use cases you are solving for are not. That’s why we’ve built and perfected a suite of applications that address the features and use cases we see most often. By including our pre-built solution accelerators in your Lightning or Experience Cloud org, you can de-risk your implementation and jump start your ability to create engaging experiences.

ISG says: “The portfolio of 7Summits includes a suite of solution accelerators that help its clients implement high-quality solutions faster. Accelerator packs consist of numerous ready-to-use and user-experience-focused components. The functionality supports a variety of use cases, and the components can be modified, rearranged and reassembled to meet individual business needs. Examples include a Social Media Pack and a Multimedia Pack.”

Additionally, 7Summits’ team of Salesforce experts has a client satisfaction rating of 4.95/5. With 7Summits’ Customer Success Services team meeting your managed services needs, you get a long-term, dedicated partner with technical expertise, a proactive approach and a deep understanding of your users and their goals.


It is always a challenge to start a digital transformation journey, but there is no better time than now. 7Summits helps turn your Salesforce solution into a growth engine for your organization – let’s get started today.

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