1 Februar 2022

Make the new digital workplace work for you. Digital transformation opens incredible opportunities. A well-thought-out digital workspace does more than help the company, it helps employees, too.


Opportunities for a better workplace anywhere

Not so long ago, creating a great workplace meant a nice office with access to a local secure network. Collaboration happened in a meeting room, and you only had to walk a few feet to chat with a coworker. Seemingly overnight, the average workday now consists of virtual meetings and shared documents. Though the traditional work model was evolving, the sudden shift to a new hybrid and digital workplace provided opportunities to do things differently. 

What worked for the business before may not work moving forward. As employees settle into a digital workplace, a valuable opportunity exists to review existing business processes and technology. Use the right tools and appropriate digital workplace support strategy to optimize and accelerate business processes and reduce costs. Define a digital workspace that enhances experience and empowers innovation.

A digital workplace that works

This whitepaper shows how to unlock the full potential of the digital workplace.


Connected Workplace

The new digital workspace has a variety of options, including remote work, hybrid work models and more flexible working hours. A positive user experience in the digital workplace is critical for the operational success of any modern company.

An optimal digital experience increases employee and customer satisfaction and loyalty and positively affects profitability. Employees deliver their best when they are efficiently connected. Seamless connectivity for collaboration is vital.

Flexible digital workplace technologies make it easier to adapt to changing conditions. Cloud solutions for collaboration, video communications, and secure data storage are just a few of the solutions that optimize the digital workspace.

The goal is to ensure that all information is always available, stored in a compliant manner and protected—even in decentralized infrastructures.

Digital and secure

CEOs need to understand that digital transformation starts from within, through a digital workplace. Source: Adobe Stock / gooldluz

Managed service providers are effective and valuable in helping businesses struggling to keep up with the demands of an already overworked IT staff. Leaving the company vulnerable with distributed devices and limited IT resources is not a risk you need to take. Partnering with an experienced company that can support you with technology services and IT staffing give you a number of advantages. Quickly scale up or down as needed, free up IT resources, minimize your security risk and improve efficiency.

Practical example

The digital transformation is accompanied by a shift in strategy, but also by the right tools and services. Some providers offer a deep portfolio of solutions to help successfully build or expand the digital workplace.

A good example is CompuCom . The vendor’s Digital Workplace Solutions portfolio consists of workplace technology services, employee technical support, networked workplace and digital edge security, among others. CompuCom was named a Provider Lens™ Leader 2021 by ISG* (Information Services Group) in its latest Quadrant Report “Managed Digital Workplace Services Midmarket.“

CompuCom is a leader in providing scalable and adaptable communications platforms to help businesses keep pace with trends in the digital workplace. The CompuCom Elite Employee Experience solution enables employees to connect with each other effortlessly, anytime, anywhere.

Ready for the future

Every company is different. Different starting points and individual requirements make all the difference. However, they all have one thing in common:

Wherever employees are – remote work, in the field, on the road or in the office – they need to be supported technologically.

The success of every company depends on addressing the issue of the digital workplace. New workflows and processes can make a huge difference.

For employees to work remotely they must have access to their work systems from wherever they may be. Source: Adobe Stock / Prostock-studio

Companies must ensure flexible and productive digital workplaces and offer the best possible user experience. This is the only way to increase productivity, create space for innovation and remain competitive.

There are many choices in the technology services market; most fall into one of four product/service categories: hardware/ software sales and service, managed services, configuration services, and professional services.

What makes CompuCom unique? Specializing in all four because the technology products and services provided are not just one and done propositions, but interconnected, end-to-end business solutions. 


The benefits of this approach are many: 

  • Reduce risks associated with new technology 

  • Control business expenses 

  • Decrease internal IT workloads 

  • Shift focus to business growth and strategic initiatives 

  • Increase end-user engagement and satisfaction 

The strength and value CompuCom provides to their customers is in how theye bring it all together.  Today’s technology requires proper management to achieve maximum efficiency and value. As the complexities of hardware, software, IoT, cloud-based technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and security continue to increase, so does the need for technology choice and consumer-like support experiences.

This whitepaper provides leaders with information on defining the digital workplace. Find tips on getting the right tools for your digital transformation.  

Whitepaper Digital Workplace

Build the workplace of today and tomorrow – the whitepaper „Beyond the modern workplace“ shows you, how.